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Haunted Hotel

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Video tutorial and screenshots

  • Main screen
  • Main window
  • A clue.
  • Looking some hidden objects.
  • Incredible graphics.

Editorial review


María Noel Balla Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 1.0
Haunted hotel is a Hidden Object game developed by Big Fish Games.

This story begins with an accident, a car accident, and the driver walks in the middle of the night to a hotel, which is completely desert, or actually that is what it looks like.
He is looking for help, and in the hotel strange things happen.

You will find that he is trapped in that hotel. But continues to explore the hotel in hope of finding clues that will unravel the mystery and allow him to escape. He will have to visit some rooms, and search the objects from the list. Once all of the required items have been found, you'll get to complete a mini-game that involves catching balls of energy as they zip across the screen in order to restore power to the elevator and move to the next floor. Of course, is not the only thing that you have to do, you will have a lot of minigames and puzzles that you will have to solve.

In addition, you will have the time against you because every mini game has a time to finish.

Graphics and sound
The graphics are great. The scenarios are well done. The sound effects are incredible. The soundtrack is nice.

To sum up, is a nice story.


  • Gerat graphics and nice story.


  • Not found.

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